Under the B2B content marketing umbrella, social media is an effective way to distribute and promote thought leadership content. Clients seeking real-time information and feedback about your business are searching on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. At Dizaineris agency, we achieve many marketing goals for our clients utilizing social media—including branding, lead generation and lead nurturing.

Find Your Social Media Marketing Niche

Don’t lose focus with the huge consumer brands and celebrities on social media—your clients are out there too! We help B2B firms find their social niche—the platforms your ideal clients are already engaging in—and target them with valuable content that positions your brand properly. For our clients, it’s not always about the number of followers, “RTs” or “likes,” it’s if you’re converting the right people through social media marketing.

Pay To Amplify Your Content

An extremely effective way to generate leads through content marketing is social media advertising. Social media advertising means that you pay to promote your content to a selected audience on a social media marketing platform. Dizaineris agency works with B2B companies to market appropriate content, craft the social call to action, build an effective landing page and track conversions.

Branding Vehicle

As a holistic marketing agency, Dizaineris agency recognizes that social media marketing can be a powerful branding vehicle when it’s part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. It serves as a valuable tool to link prospects to your website, where they can start a conversation with you. It can also help establish your company as a thought leader by promoting events, articles written, board affiliations, etc. In the client buying process, you want your firm to be top of mind when a need arises—content marketing via social media ensures that your target market never forgets about your company.

Be Taken Seriously

Just a few years ago, a B2B firm could ignore social media accounts with no consequences. That is the not the case anymore. Prospective clients can be judgmental—if your firm is not regularly active on industry-appropriate social media marketing channels, a prospective client may think your firm is out of business or at the very least, not going to be in business much longer. To be taken seriously, a B2B company must embrace social media as part of their content marketing strategy.

Not the Usual Suspects

Many people think of social media marketing as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but that is the tip of the iceberg. Social media marketing involves any web platform that prompts dialogue between users. There are numerous industry-specific web platforms where dialogue occurs. Dizaineris agency identifies forums where your company should be active, getting you in front of prospects, strategic partners, and current clients and positioning you as an expert.